Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Aunt Penny died a week ago today. Aunt Penny was my Godmother. She did not take this title lightly. She viewed it as a job to make sure that God was the center of my life. She did not pressure...she just guided me in a way that led me to fall totally in love with God. You could see it in her was this unconditional love that no matter what I did, I knew she was going to love me. We were planning on starting a new bible study over skype and we were both pretty excited about it but unfortunately that day never came. God chose to take her to be with him. I remember talking to her one day about what it will be like to walk into Heaven. She told me that her Heaven would be filled with bright vibrant flowers with colors we have never seen here on earth. She said there are no words to describe the beauty of God. I always felt her love of God made her have no fear of death and that lack of fear rubbed off on me.

Most people that know me know that I'm an emotional person. I carry my heart on my sleeve which causes me to have a hard time controlling my emotions. I left for Erie, Pa. on Sunday to be there to support my family. I was laughing as I was sitting in the Atlanta airport, thinking...How in the world am I going to be able to support my family. I'm going to be a basketcase and there is NO way I'll be able to be a support for anyone. I began praying. I prayed me whole flight asking for strength. I arrived to my grandparents home and from the moment I stepped into the front door... I felt God. I remained strong through every moment of my time in Erie. I held my grandparents hands as they mourned, I cared for my mother as she weeped for her sister, I held my cousin as she cried for her mother and I still remained strong. I can't explain any of this except saying that it was God.

I'll miss my Aunt Penny. She was my mentor, my Godmother, and just my good friend. I'm thankful that she was in my life...even if it was for a short time. She changed my life..she helped me to realize that even in the dark moments, like her funeral, God's there. Penny McCray will be missed and I know that someday..I will see you again.

Below is what Aunt Penny had on her faceboook in her "about me section" Read it and maybe you'll know why she was so loved.

I am a work in progress =)

I hate lies...
Not big on whiners either.

You never know what someone is going through or how close to the edge they nice.

I do not like mean people.

Selfish, cocky and self centered people, please...I am not nearly as impressed by you as apparently you are.

I believe you reap what you sow in all areas of life

I hate drama...I repeat, I hate drama.

All you Know-it-alls should know...most of us don't care.

I don't think it's safe to have a foot on each side of the fence, spiritually.... or worldly

I understand now that life is a great teacher

I believe with age comes wisdom

I'm okay with growing old.

I really believe God hears me and if I pay attention
I can hear Him too.

I believe in healing.
I believe in kindness
I believe in Grace.
I believe in Mercy.
I believe in peace
I don't think it's wise to tick God off.

I hate racism

I hate people using Jesus' name in vain.

I think it's nicer to be nice

I'm a tad OCD....maybe a tad more than a tad.

I think a smile goes a looong way

I don't like people only seeing their own point of view

I think it's not as complicated as you think.

I love to garden.
I love the sun.
I love the beach.
I love dogs
I love the smell of cut grass
I want to help.
I love to laugh
I love to decorate
I love art

I would like to be a storm chaser
I would like to live on the beach
I'm a purse freak.

I love being with my family.
My sisters are my best friends =]

I wish I had money to randomly help people anonymously