Saturday, September 18, 2010

I think most people think someone with Diabetes are most likely are either overweight and just need to stop eating all the carbs or they are just lazy and they don't want to workout. It angers me to see people who think they know everything and could not be farther from the truth.

I was diagnosed with Diabetes over 15 years ago. The only reason I found out is that my vision was blurred and when I finally did go to the Dr. my blood sugar was over 600 and the normal range should be 80-120. It scared I was a young adult and I'm hearing how people in my family are dying or losing limbs from Diabetes. I spent the past 15 years caring for myself and sometimes living like I did not suffer from this disease. I hate it. I think about Diabetes and it brings up this anger within me....I used to not be able to handle this emotion. I used to just suppress it and pretend that it did not exist but I am now trying to turn that suppression into a healthy anger ( if that term even exists). As of now, I give myself 4 shots a day and may possibly be put onto a insulin pump sometime into the future. They ultimately think there may be an issue with my liver which may be causing the high numbers. The cool thing is recently, Gregg and I found this herb supplement that helps livers repair themselves. I have been taking it and almost immediately we noticed a difference in my blood sugar numbers.

On October 9th, I am walking in a 5k to raise money for Diabetes. I'm excited to act proactive in this fight and have officially become an advocate for the American Diabetes Association. Who would have ever thought that I would become an advocate of anything?! More than 220 Million men, women and children are suffering worldwide due to diabetes and instead of just laying down and let it attack me (like I have been doing for the past 15 years).....we can fight back, I WILL fight back. We can take care of our bodies, we can make it more affordable for people who cannot afford the expense of insulin,and syringes and test strips. We can provide people with the knowledge they need to have to become stronger than their disease. Don't just lay down and let it attack you. Don't lose your limbs. Don't eat like you are not diabetic. Fight's within you.

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