Wednesday, May 12, 2010


People hear the word stepmom and they instantly think of The evil Stepmother in Cinderella. I sat in a singing performance of my stepdaughters last night. Krysta had a solo part in the mini play. I sat nervously waiting for her part...holding my husbands hand and taking a deep breath as I was waiting for her to step on the stage. She walked close to the microphone and opened her mouth...the sound that flowed out was almost as if it was an angel singing on stage. My eyes filled with tears and I sat there listening to her. She sings very soft so I could not figure out the words she was singing but I could hear the sound and it made my heart so happy.

I never have viewed my stepdaughters as stepdaughters...I've always said, "I have 3 daughters". Even as I sat there last night, The beautiful voice on that stage was my daughter. I struggle at times to overlook the the difficulties of everyday life...knowing that I live in the same neighborhood of my husbands ex. Sometimes I get the mean looks from old friends of that old marriage, fake smiles and fake hello's, and sometimes no responses to a simple smile. I struggle with this daily. But what it truly comes down too is that I love these children as if they were my own. My hope is that one day when they grow into young women, they look at me and say thank you for loving me as your own daughter. Thank you for being there for me...thank you for coming to my performances and tennis matches and softball games and cheering me on as your own daughter. So even with all the difficulties that comes with being the stepmom..I would not change a thing. It's worth it.

I have 3 daughters.

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